Santa Marcelina Cultura



Dating back to December 2007, Santa Marcelina Association – responsible for Santa Marcelina College and Santa Marcelina School of formal education, both in the neighbourhood of Perdizes in Sao Paulo – was qualified by the State of Sao Paulo as a Social Cultural Organization prepared to manage programmes in partnership with the Secretariat of Culture of the State of Sao Paulo. In 2008, the association started to implement its first programme in culture, named Guri Santa Marcelina by the State administration with the purpose of valuing the brand Guri by its association with the reputable excellence of the institution Santa Marcelina.

In 2009, Santa Marcelina Cultura inaugurated the innovative proposal of the Sao Paulo State School of Music – Tom Jobim and the Campos de Jordao International Festival, both structured under the same teaching-artistic guidelines, namely integration between the artistic, pedagogic and social concepts; all encompassing the entire history of art, from ancient to contemporary music; teaching-artistic excellence; international exchange towards achieving the best available practices and seizing opportunities for students to continue their training overseas; focus on people: teachers, students and audiences are top priorities in all activities. Santa Marcelina managed the festival in 2009, 2010 and 2011. In 2013, Santa Marcelina Cultura was the organization of choice by means of public invitation to bid to manage the programmes Guri and EMESP Tom Jobim until December 2017.

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