Santa Marcelina Cultura


About Santa Marcelina Cultura

A full cycle of musical training that is integrated to a project of sociocultural inclusion, in which practice and theory are interconnected, and in which art and society dialogue towards strengthening each other. Bearing such goals in mind, Santa Marcelina Cultura was created in 2008. Currently, when it is about to celebrate its 10th anniversary, the project has proven to be both mature and consistent, describing a cycle of musical training that starts with musical initiation of children throughout reaching its peak with the training of artists who are ready to take positions of notoriety on performing stages, recording studios and conservatories worldwide.

Throughout the years, Santa Marcelina Cultura has implemented two complementing models of management. Firstly, Guri Santa Marcelina (Guri) has privileged quality music education in combination with transforming social intervention, not only educating musicians but also citizens who are critical and aware of rights and duties. EMESP Tom Jobim has reformulated the process of music education, raising the bar when it comes to specialized music training of its students, preparing them for life beyond solely instrumental practice, all the while aiming for a life of a collective and professionally varied, rich and plural.

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